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When making the custom badge buttons, you have to have the artwork guide where the badge dimensions, the bleed, the backer dimensions, and the print size with the bleed.


The beginning point and the most important feature in the printing jobs is your design. Be sure that the artwork files are being sent across correctly to the manufacturer since it is very crucial.

Some few tips to have awesome results in making custom laminated badges:

  • Make your artwork with a resolution of 300dpi - the bigger and the clearer your file will be, the better the outcome of your printed products. Take note that there are some manufacturers that do not accept the 72dpi files since it does not usually sufficient in making a quality product.
  • Use text wisely – be reminded about the size of the products you are designing of. Small writings will not be as efficient and as bold, as the larger text on the smaller product like trying to squeeze much on the 25mm badge.
  • The contrasting colors will make an even more striking print – the dark purple text with the black background will not really stand out too well. In making your backer card the contrasting color of the badge will really make the badges pop!
  • Use contrasting colors will help in making a more vivid and a much memorable business card. Be inspired and check the image gallery with the available samples of some previously printed products.
  • You may print in full color by selecting contrasting colors for that eye catching sticky pass.
  • The designs are being printed onto neon stocks, so that any white color in the artwork cannot be printed and will be the neon color of the supplies. In this regard, the solid black design will work best on the neon badges.
  • Be sure your designs are set up to a correct size and the proportions – just make sure to set it up into the artwork size, since it will contain bleed which will cut down to its finished size when being printed.
  • Anything that is left white within the design will become silver metallic. The bright colors and the gradients appeared awesome on the metal badges!
  • Select your stock properly because the black design appears stunning on the brown recycled board, but for a much more vivid color, you might like to choose the white fleck board.
  • Take into consideration what information you needed on your laminated badges, and remember that the suppliers are printing also on the front and back of the badge.

The information to provide in your badges is your personal or company logo, name or list of names that may be in excel format, any added instructions that is related and is important to be a part of your badge in your order.

Illustration for article titled ARTWORK GUIDE IN MAKING CUSTOM BADGES

The delivery information

You can have your badge box be shipped within just a couple of working days, but if you want it a bit faster, then, choose a supplier that can do it for you. There are tons of suppliers that are doing speed production that still has the highest quality finished products. You just have to inform them and select the express delivery when you make your checkout.

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