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Color-coded Name Badge Holders

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The color coded badge holders are premium tag holders that are made out of top gauge vinyl. Every badge holder is well built while remaining pliable and soft. The conference badge holder is ideal for multi-day gatherings as well as for a time use only and cannot be recycled. There are also lines of earth friendly Eco badges of biodegradable badge holders, that is so perfect for those events that are environmentally-friendly.


The color coded badge holder adds flare and security to the events because it will be easy to identify the attendees, speakers, visitors and staff, sponsors, at-a-glance while the conference, meeting, business functions and trade shows are on. There are a huge selection of around 90 colors, sizes, styles, and attachment alternatives to coordinate with the event theme.

Badge Holders

The badge holders are ideal for anywhere use and for the regular use of name badges and ID cards like that in schools, government offices, conferences, military bases, and a lot more.

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If you are searching for the best multi-purpose badge holder for your IDs, color-coded badge holders will be the smartest choice to go. Because the color-coded badge holders are not only do made of high-quality materials, but it also protects and prolonged the life of the ID cards. Color coded ID holder offers the convenience and it is the very way of differentiating, organizing and classifying department access levels or clearance, visiting groups to the facility, and a lot more.


Color-coded name tag holders are also the best in organizing the next conference, trade show, or events. And for the school-aged kids, the badge holders are so ideal to use when coordinating with field trips, educational programs, recitals, and some other events.

The key elements of a quality ID badge holders

  1. It protects the credentials and ID badges
  2. It really lasts for a long time
  3. It holds the cards conveniently out of the way
  4. It comes from a diversity of sizes and shapes
  5. Has alternatives for strap clip, lanyard or chain attachment
  6. It should not get brittle and must always look good!

Consider the following when ORDERING color coded badge holder:

  1. Card size – be sure that what are intended to be placed in the holder will all fit appropriately. There are available typical ID card scopes that are equivalent to the size of the credit card and also with the bigger event-sized holder, but bigger are usually way better!
  2. Holder material – the rigid color holder assists in protecting costly smart and proximity cards; flexible color tag holders are normally used for average ID cards.
  3. Orientation – are the ID card credentials to be used will be in vertical or horizontal orientation?
  4. Attachments – to your convenience, almost every colored badge holders contains a slot and a dual chain which holds and provides fast, easy chain or lanyard attachment, but you can always choose between clips, chains or lanyards
  5. Accessories – there are also retractable badge reels that works perfectly fine with the plastic cards and some other accessories.

Normally, when you need more than a thousand pieces, or for bulk orders, there are online shops that are giving a good offer and special discounts when you two meet in the middle.

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