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Datamax A-Class Mark II Print Engine

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This Datamax A-Class Mark II Print Engine is another kind of Datamax print engine that will assist when making the Datamax name tags. It has three kinds that will give the user the quality they wanted for their name tags and some other kinds of services that they want from a Datamax printer. These kinds are all classified as class A since there are still some other classes of Mark II printer. The performance of this class A Datamax is high and the characteristics it features are improved and are usually used in high demands companies with fast paced output needed. The top Datamax A Class kinds are as follows:


Kinds of Datamax A-Class Mark II Print Engine:

  1. Datamax A-Class Mark II Print Engine 4606
  2. Datamax A-Class Print Engine 6212
  3. Datamax A-Class Print Engine 6310

When the request for the high performance of applied and print applications required more features than the existing print engines tendered, it is the time to lift up to the other A-Class Mark II. This family of A-Class Mark II of the improved print engines is styled for high-demands, multi-shift applications obliging fast throughput and the proven reliability.


The latest design allowed for an easy, simple and rapid replacement of the print-head and platen roller, which improves efficiency and make light of the downtime. It also includes inventive design features, like the stainless-steel cabinet, and making it strong in harsh surroundings and simple to clean, stainless-steel hardware component, the modular design for improving serviceability, coated-side-out or coated-side-in thermal-transfer ribbon compilation, an intuitive, total graphic menu navigation present with an alternative 6" remote show for the excess when the print engines are being in hard to reachable areas.

It is styled for print and the apply applicator integration; this A-Class Mark II uses the industry-acclaimed firmware architecture with the maximum connectivity alternatives for industry-standard connection interfaces. This A-Class supported the industry-suggested OEM 5 bolt rising connection for seamless incorporation into the method.


The PL-Zebra copier language emulation permits you to seamlessly assimilate the A-Class to existing explanations without the need to change the label formats. This A-Class is outfitted with a proactive IntelliSEAQ printer head diagnostic tool. This A-Class Mark II was accessible in the two widths available and has been one of the print engines to give resolutions in either left-hand orientation or right-hand orientation.

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This A-Class Mark II has been the superior print engine being used in the high demand printing and apply applications tendering the highest stage of reliability and performance. It is known in the business for its exclusive stainless steel cover, this A-Class is the best for the specific needs of Datamax name tags of corrosive or harsh surroundings.

The condition of the modular art design offered simplicity and on demand serviceability which significantly decreases down time of a demanding multi shift task critical applications. This business standard mounting and the intuitive menu navigation creates this A-Class a print engine of the preferred automated print with the apply functions.

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