Other types of rigid plastic name tags

1. Frosted rigid plastics in horizontal 1-card machine with an extractor slide

2. Frosted rigid plastics in horizontal 2-card machine with an extractor slide

3. Frosted rigid plastics vertical card dispenser and has the red extractor slide


- These THREE KINDS of rigid plastic name tags of the frosted rigid plastics card dispensers are able to carry two cards and with the convenient rigid badge holders. The rigid badge holder permits the carrying of the 2 type of 30-mil cards all at once, and offered the convenience of the two slide ejectors that is for a simple card removal. You just have to simply slide its lever out so you can get the card.

4. Clear bank cards rigid holders – it can protect the bank card from possible by applying the rigid holder. It is made from durable polypropylene, and the rigid badge holder can be able to protect the bank card from possible cracks, bends, and some other kind of damage. The thumb slot makes this just simple to push out the card when needed.

It has the convenient slide ejector that makes it simple to get the inserted card. The rigid badge holder permits the user in carrying the solo 30-mil card which offers the handiness of the slide ejector for that easy card removal. Just simply slide its lever out to take the card. The frosted stuff gives the professional look. The easy access makes the holders great for magnetic stripe cards or smart cards that needed to use for swiping or scanning and every holder shows a slot for that easy attachment.

5. Yellow rigid plastics in vertical multi-card 2-sided holder – this is a side-loading with the room for many cards, the holder gets a job done. The rigid plastic holders are the best for bringing the number of the cards all at once. With the slot and the chain hole, it is so easy to provide this holder with the strap, neck chain, badge reel or lanyards. The holder is really meant to use with the vertical credentials. This has the room for a credit card/CR80 sized card in a front compartment and had the 6 business cards in its back or the 2 30-mil cards.


6. Yellow rigid plastics open-face horizontal card holder – this will display the card while making it safe from creases and bends. It is an open face or an exposed card holder which is the best means to bring and display the ID badge while still keeping it secured from any type of damage.

The holder has been created from the rigid plastic name tags and this prevented the inserted credential from possible cracks or bends. This slot and the chain holes create this holder just so easy to attach into its wearer. The holder is for sure meant to use with the horizontal ID card, and had rooms for a credit card/CR80 sized credential.


7. Frosted rigid plastics horizontal half-card holders – it will keep the magnetic stripe card available with the half-card holder. The exclusive holders are being applied with magnetic stripe card to bring and also to display the card while it is still leaving a stripe uncovered. It will make it simpler to swipe or scan the card, since you will not need to take it out from the holder. The holder is from the durable frosted acetate to have that professional look. This is for use with the credit card-sized or (CR80) cards in horizontal form with the insert dimensions.

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