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These are the kinds of cost-effective, professional and with no hassle customization of name badges and you can settle on any pattern, color, size and types of name badges.


EXPRESS BADGE – Is an affordable plastic cards alternative that will show off the uniform styles of your employees. You can simply browse the colors and the designs for your customization project with the title and the name of the employee. The rotary engraved with the square corners is the weather-resistant acrylic and durable style that will surely last for years. These are so affordable, professional, and can be accessed in four different standard sizes, and different colors too. You can also choose the pins and magnets and the variety of badge attachments to attach to your badges.

1. Express Badges Rotary Engraved Plastics

– these are the best seller kinds that have different sizes available and from there varies what it is able of containing.

  • ¾” x 3" can only have the name
  • 1" x 3" can have the name and the designation
  • 1½” x 3" this can have the name, designation and the company name.
  • 2" x 3" this can have it all in a much bigger font with the name, designation, and the company.

2. Other Types of Badges:

  • Showcase Cut-Shapes – it is a shapely way of drawing attention to the name tags. The name badges may be more than the simple rectangles. Display a more exclusive style with the selection of showcase design. These are laser engraved, with the distinctive shapes such as a cloud, a house, puzzle pieces, or a lovely heart. In so many colors and unique designs to choose from, for sure there will something to match the employee or the company’s personality and this can be attached to the employee outfit or the company shirt with the pin, Velcro, or the magnets.
  • Laser Logo Badges – these are laser-engraved styles for showing the logo of the designs. You simply engrave the logo right into a badge to have that sharp appeal. Select your designs below to get it started. Accuracy engraving on the weather-resistant acrylic allows you to show off the name, the logo, and the designs too. Just upload the logo and convert it for possible engraving. With the three standard sizes available and so many different colors to choose from. Do not forget to select the back fasteners too, and select that pin, Velcro, or the magnet attachments.
  • Pro Badges – these are the laminated badges or just badges that have branded designs, are in full color, and can be a personalized name badge. This name badge is for professional uses where there is a library of designs to choose for your different uses. It has the Custom Laser Engrave Name Badges which are also another type of Express Badges but only differs in sizes and the content print. You will just have to select the badge and pick your choice of color.
  1. ¾” x 3" – you can only write the name
  2. 1" x 3" – you can write the name and the job title
  3. 1½” x 3" – you can write the name, the job title and the company.
Illustration for article titled PLASTIC NAME BADGES

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