Zebra print name tags

Zebra name tags printing is the type of name tags that are being printed with zebra background or zebra color in the paper. Those people that held parties or gatherings with the children being present are get to use with this type of name tags. It is important for the party organizer and assistant to easily identify and call the kids when have to, and this can be very helpful for the kids to be familiarize with each other when they are in the play area.

The production, the tracking and sells marking of the Zebra print name tags are usually done with Zebra computer printing technology. It is being used with receipt printers, thermal barcode labels, RFID smart label encoders, printers, fixed and the handheld readers and antennas too.


The Zebra print name tags can be used as labels on the fierce sides and the labels with the wild cat can be printed with samples of Tiger and Leopard and the diva wild pink Leopard prints. There is also Zebra pattern that is available as choices for you to use. You can use them when you want to label your canisters in the pantry, your canning jars and lots of other items that can be used with this zebra print.

The pleasant fonts are already provided for you. But, if you really want to personalize your fonts, following some instructions will be a good choice. If you desire to change your font size like to make it bold, or italic, the type and the color, you can make it too. There is a toolbar that will be appearing to give you an added text property. You can also select “More” in its font property toolbar for the paragraph alignment plus a lot more.

The zebra printable name tags had the white and black zebra print borders and the white decorative labels with the bright pink borders at the center.


There was the zebra print name tags sheet with the text of “My Name is:” together with the blank sheet of zebra print name tags.

Terms for using a Printable Zebra Print Name Tag

If you are using a Printable Zebra name tags owned by other manufacturers or personally owned by other companies, you cannot be able to sell or distribute it and have a profit of your own. However, you can be able to personally use it for your files and some personal use only in your office or home use. The zebra print files can be printed within your environment for educational use where you are not profiting from it. If you would like to share the zebra print name tags to a friend, you can simply send them the page and they will directly go there. Do not link straight to the downloaded file so that they will be the one to download it and have a copy of it for them. Just teach them what software they must have to be able to download it.



Einst Urown, Other Zebra name tags, 2019

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